Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I am a bad blogger :(

Why you ask? Because I won a giveaway over here on Elaine's blog and I have only just got around to taking a photo and blogging about it. I was the lucky winner of 2 charm packs and some sewing pins, some quilt pins, and a Clover quick un-pick.

I was so excited to win! Charm packs are something I have never bought or used before. I am as yet unsure what I will use them for, mainly because I just like to look at them all the time lol

I also went op-shopping yesterday and today and picked up some old patterns and books. A selection of them are below. Some of the patterns I may not use, but they were just too gorgeous to leave behind!

I saw this book and was intrigued by the cover, but when I flicked through and saw the picture below, I knew it couldn't stay there. It is from 1971.

And this one, purely for the picture on the front. No idea how old it is.

I love the pattern on the left, but I know I will never use it (well I don't think so anyways lol) And the pattern on the right is just adorable, hopefully something I can make for my DD sometime in the future.

I have also been on the lookout for a skort pattern to use as a base for making for school for my DD. Otto has one but it is as yet, too big. I realised that in my op-shopping I have managed to pick up two mags with the pattern I am after. One that will fit now, and one for when she is a little bigger.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Waterfall Top

I made the waterfall top from the 2/09 Ottobre Woman the other day. I had planned to use the same fabric as the top in the last post, but I didn't have enough :( Then I remembered some summer weight cotton knit I had purchased from Crafty Mamas shop.

From cutting to hemming (in about 4 stops and starts) it only took me about 3 hours. And I am the worlds slowest sewer lol I changed the sleeves to the ones from the Stream Dress in the same issue, as I only had enough fabric for short sleeves.

It was an easy top to sew, even though I had never sewn a cowl neck style top before. I just pinned and walked through the steps before sewing, that made it much more straight forward.

It is super soft and delightful to wear and I think I would like to make it again, but in a fabric that drapes more. Apologies for the wrinkles, it had spent the day in the washing basket, and some lovely ladies were asking for photos ;)

And just a photo to increase your smile quota for the day, this is how you decorate a bathroom, according to my 4 year old DD!


Thursday, March 12, 2009

A UFO completed and some scrummy cooking

I was sort of tidying up my sewing area on Tuesday and this is what I found. An UFO - unfinished object.

Stuffed away in a bag was a project I started way back in May 2008. Basically I started this just after I started sewing. I thought it would be a relatively simple project and finally found some fabric I liked enough to make it. It is a poly/spandex blend, not my first choice, but I was a newbie back then - well that is my excuse. It actually feels really nice to wear.

I had left it in a bit of a mess. I was so frustrated when I was sewing it, the neckline wouldn't sit properly, and was all twisted and wrinkly. So I had a fair bit of unpicking to do when I went to finish it this week. Knowing a few more tricks, I was able to make the neckline work. No more wrinkles. It isn't perfect, but I am happy with it.

I then attached the bodice skirt, but it didn't seem to have enough stretch between the bodice top and the bodice skirt, so when I put it on, it felt like it was going to pop stitches. So more unpicking and the addition of clear elastic later, I finally finished it.

Recently I had made some banana bread for my family. It was enjoyed and the recipe was simple. But my DS wanted me to change it - he wanted pineapple bread. So used a can of drained crushed pineapple instead of the bananas. The result is yummy! I like fruit breads and cakes. DH however was not as impressed. He doesn't like chewing chewy bits in his cakes.

And tomorrow is my sisters birthday. So I tried a new cupcake recipe - Double Chocolate Raspberry Cake. If the raw mix is anything to go by, they should be delicious!


Monday, March 9, 2009

Market? Maybe not, but thats ok by me.

A few weeks ago, my Grandma asked if I wanted to sew some things for a market stall she was having. Well after some procrastination, and both Grandma and my Mum talking me into it, I decided "Why not?". So I got started. I didn't want to plan too much, just things I was comfortable to sew and ones I enjoyed sewing.
Today I finished off sewing the last of the drink bottle holders I had planned on (from this lovely lady here: http://madquilter.blogspot.com/2009/01/square-base-water-bottle-carrier-tote.html) They are made to fit a 750ml Smash branded drink bottle and also fit the 750ml Pump bottles of water. The camo, black butterfly and the white flower ones are a lovely drill fabric, and the dinosaurs are nice cotton poplin type - and all are insulated with Insul-Brite.

I had also made some little wristlet bags that I designed myself. I used some old (vintage some may call it) fabrics. All are cotton, and lined. They fit my keys, phone and packet of travel tissues, there is also room to add some change and a few cards.

Unfortunately my Grandma has hurt her hand so is unable to do her pottery work for the stall, so she is passing on doing the market for this year. I must say I am probably a little relieved. I wasn't going to have any part really in being at the stall as I couldn't make it that weekend, but it is still a big step for me to think of selling my sewing.
So for now, I have 10 little bags and 10 drink holders that will eventually find new homes I am sure.
One funny little thing as I was making the drink holders, my son saw the camo one and asked what I was making them for. I told him they were to sell at a market. His reply was "Can I have this one" (pointing to the camo holder) "and you can sell mine?" lol I made him one a few weeks ago (in a previous post) for school. So next year he can choose the fabric for a new one.

I think I may do a giveaway for one of each of the holders and the wristlets in the next week or two, so keep an eye out for it :)