Saturday, January 30, 2010

Be Happy With Your Choice

We made a trip to Ikea today, to look at the selection of shelving before we travel down the road of building a new shelving unit for my sewing area (it really needs some serious organisation before it takes over my lounge room).
I must say, the new store is rather impressive. It is well set out and easier to find things than in the old Ikea store.

But the best part was our trip home, when from the backseat came DD's little voice, who was reading her map from Ikea....

"Step 1: Drill holes

Step 2: Paint

Step 3: Put a computer in it

Step 4: Be happy with your choice"

From a 4 year old that so pretty cute lol And I think she may have worked out the order in which daddy modifies things - drilling, painting, then electronic-ifying lol


Monday, January 25, 2010

Burda WOF 6-2008 Shirt

My first woven shirt with a collar and buttonholes! The pattern is Burda WOF 6-2008 #107A. The inspiration for this shirt was the fabric. My lovely Nan-in-law gave me the fabric at Christmas when she was cleaning (so I have no idea how old it is, but she said she had it sitting around for years), and I instantly knew that I wanted to make it into a collared, button up shirt, despite never having tackled something like this before (but that has never stopped me yet! lol).

A quick flick through my patterns turned up a pattern that I liked, and had actually traced off several months ago and hadn't gotten around to making. I did modify it a little by adding length to the body about 10cm, at the hem rather than at the waist. This gave it the perfect flare over my hips, and the pleats sat high enough, on my waist. 4 pleats in the front, 2 each side and 4 on the back of the shirt - this gives it a lovely fitted waist.

6 Buttonholes too - I have done the odd one, but not 6 at once and trying to get them even - oh my! A little practice, and taking it slow and they worked :) Fray stop was applied before I opened them, to help prevent them fraying - worked a treat.

The only part I found confusing was the semi-raglan sleeves. This just made it a little difficult to set them in. Oh, that and Burda WOF patterns can be a little brief in parts, but my copy of The Readers Digest Complete Guide to Sewing ($2.75 from the op shop) helped set me on my way. Plus I figure I am pretty good at bluffing now :)

We had a school reunion on the weekend, so that was the perfect outing for this shirt. I also wore my Valeska skirt. Lovely to wear and it looked pretty too :)


Sunday, January 17, 2010

What to do on a hot day?

Well right now my family is dancing around in the lounge room in their undies - to great old classic 80's music - namely the Cars.
Why? Because it is hot, the air conditioning has carked it and it doing nothing but pump hot air, outside is hotter, and because they can.
Me? I am just sitting here chuckling at their enthusiasm :)


Sunday, January 10, 2010

12 Month Challenge - For Me

is completed! And I am very happy with the result. I chose the Farbenmix Valeska skirt, some gorgeous soft denim fabric and an embroidery that I did on felt. It was also my very first applique embroidery - and so much fun!

I did modify the skirt a fair bit. It is meant to be an elastic waisted skirt, but I wanted a fitted waist, as I figure it would've been more slimming for someone with good childbearing hips like mine ;). So I started with the size to my measurements, and brought the seams in until it fit how I wanted. Seems that I then needed the smallest size. Which I lengthened to the XL size so it wasn't indecent :)

I put an invisible zip in the side seam - though I must say, I did botch it a little - but it is all on the inside, the outside of the zip looks pretty good. I finished the pocket edges and the bottom hem off with some bias binding I had made a few months ago. I think it gives it a nice touch.

Next time, I will use slightly wider seam allowances on the sides, as it is a bit loose still.

So my challenge for January is complete, but I have many more ideas of what I would like to sew for myself - a new top to match my skirt is just one of them.


A 5th Birthday Present

For a little friend. The tee is #29 from Ottobre 3/2009 again - such a gorgeous little tee and easy to put together.

The embroidery is from Katalina's Magic Mushrooms from here. So cute! And it looked gorgeous on the birthday girl :)

My neckline bindings are getting better - as they say, practice makes perfect! lol

I also made her some headbands, the same as my DD's here - and they suit her perfectly!

It is hard to believe that my DD will also be 5 in just over 5 weeks! I really must get started on something special for her birthday.


Sunday, January 3, 2010

12 in 12 in 2010

Need clarification? Well, over at Carolyn's blog, My Favourite, she is hosting a 12 month long sewing challenge. 12 months you say! You must be game lol Well it isn't that hard. You can pick and choose what ones you want to do - how cool is that. You can do all 12, or just one or two.

Now I have never signed up for a blog challenge before, so this is all new to me. But I am trying to start the new year being brave (ie: stepping out of my comfort zone, which I find quite hard to do, as I like my comfort), and this is a small way to start.

Anyhow, for month one, the challenge is YOU. Well me. Not you.... Me.... Argh! You get the drift. I have to sew for myself. And because I have worked out what I want to sew and already done a test run, I figured it was a good place to start. I have it planned out in my head, and I just need to sit down and make it reality :)


p.s. Happy New Year - hope you all had a great start to the year :)