Friday, September 11, 2009

Book Week Sharing

Whilst I wrote the last post, I remembered that I hadn't posted about DS being a finalist in our local council book week poster competition. All the kids in the school entered a poster into the competition, as did all the other kids in all the other schools in our local council (I never realised we had so many schools! lol) Then they judged them etc, etc, and DS got a letter inviting him to a presentation as he had been chosen as a finalist in his year group. Very exciting.

We went along to the presentation, and DS got called up, so he went out to the front by himself and stood on the stage and accepted his prize and a certificate. I was so proud of him, as he really doesn't like things out of routine, or being centre of attention with people he doesn't know. After he was allowed to sit back down, he didn't even open the wrapping of his prize - he waited until he got home - aww!

Although he didn't win his age group, it was a great honour for him to go up, as he was the only student from his school chosen as a finalist. They even made a big fuss of him at the school assembly (we have a lovely little school with less than 300 kids from kindy to year 7).


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