Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pitt Pants

Farbenmix Pitt. My first try at using a German pattern and it worked, so I must be doing something right :) If I am honest, I had to redo the zip a few times, and I stuffed up the top of the pockets a whisker, but all in all, the pants went together rather simply.

I did have the photo tutorial to help me along - though the babelfish translation really leaves so much to be desired. And just a side note, when they tell you (show you) to sew the tops of the pockets when they are right sides together, they really do mean it lol. I thought, what are they on about, ignored that part, turned, top-stitched and then realised what a dill I had been! That has been safely stored away for the next pair I make.

The best bit is that my son loves them! They do look a little too big on him, skinny, tall weed that he is. There is also a bit of length left in the hems, so that I can let them down when he grows. IF he doesn't wear the knees out first.

Fabric is a gorgeous soft cotton drill from the CM Shop, that has been maturing in my stash for many months. DS picked a bright orange zip from my limited collection.

And out of 5 belt loops, I managed to get one perfect bartack - I think I need to practice them a bit more.


April's Challenge Completed

Well it may not be a completely lined item, it was about all I could muster this month. For Carolyn's April Challenge of Something Lined, here is...... a hood! lol

It also completes a sew-a-long over at Crafty Mama's where many of us had a try at the Farbenmix Imke pattern.

I did one each for my kids, off the paper pattern not from the book, as I didn't feel up to tackling the tissue patterns in the Sewing Clothes Kids Love book. I also used the pieced version for both the kids. Fabric, cotton knit (I think the pink print has a touch of poly), is all from the stash - I am trying really hard to use it up - no small feat, let me tell you!
I really like this pattern, and the sizes I chose, the kids can still wear a t-shirt underneath for winter. I would like to try them in something warmer, more as a jumper style - but with the sporty hood from the book.

I did find the neck opening with the hood to be a little snug on my big headed people, so for DD's I cut the seam allowance from the jumper part, but not the hood, and then attached. I jsut means there is a bit of a gap between the edges of the hood, instead of them crossing over. Still looks fine though :)


Monday, April 12, 2010

Nappy Wallet & Clutch

Several months ago, my sister designed and made herself a nappy clutch. While she was at it, she also made a smaller version, a nappy wallet. The clutch can hold up to 4 nappies, a hard case of wipes, a disposable change mat and several bags for disposing of the nappies. The wallet holds 1 nappy and a small soft pack of wipes, along with some disposal bags.

My sister wanted a boys one for a baby gift, and asked if I could make it. In other words, *make one and make one for your congocart or else I will get grumpy with you* lol. My sister can be very persistent and persuasive! So I did.

It was fun, and so I made a nappy clutch for the congocart as well :)

I really like the clutch, it almost makes me want to need it!


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April Challenge

is something lined. Now, I am not sure if I will partake in this challenge, as my dress from the last post was lined, and I am certainly in no hurry to re-visit that particular challenge.
It wasn't a horrible experience, far from it really. It was just slow. And tedious. And needing perfection (and I am not a perfectionist - can't be bothered really).

So right now I am sewing clothes for my kids. Because they are really lacking in winter clothes, and I don't feel like going and buying them any. Also because I have cupboards full of fabric that I need/want to use up. Their clothes don't require perfection, they are easy to sew, and fun. As long as I remember to sew one of my labels onto them, my son is happy.

Just thinking about the current project, it has a lined hood. Would that count as fulfilling the challenge I wonder? I need to sew some of the same tops for my daughter, so maybe if I do a few it will count :)

As I can't leave this post without a picture, here is a peek at what I am currently sewing. If all goes well, it may actually be finished and wearable by tomorrow afternoon.

So maybe I will join in this challenge after all. If you want to have fun with the rest of us, head over to Carolyn's blog and put your name down. See you at the end of the month to share your projects!