Friday, March 30, 2012

Catch Up Post

Yes, it has come to that again! I need to do a catch up if I want to have any hope of remembering to share what I have been up to.

Remember this? I dyed some more fleece to mix with it, in a dark blue. I played with my hand cards and made rolags for the first time (which really aren't so great to do worsted spinning from - learning curve!) But it was fun.

It looked pretty all plied up. I am attempting to swatch it to see what I might want to turn it into.

I also gained some more fleece. A lamb fleece from my Dad, which is a Merino X Poll Dorset or South Suffolk. Such a very small amount of wool - but I think it feels delightfully soft (Dad has other opinions, and tells me it isn't as soft as it could be). I only got about 180g or so after washing and picking all the prickles out - lambs are grubby little things.

Also some merino ewe fleece from a neighbour of Dads. So very kind of them. I haven't washed all of it, but what I have washed is lovely and soft also.

And the biggest - I finally finished my crochet Cap Sleeve Top that I started last year. I was procrastinating big time on this, as it was sitting there with just 1 round of crochet to go, and the ends to be woven in. Tut, tut! I am glad I have finished it though, as it is soooooooo lovely. I wore it to the Roxette concert and it wears well. I may need to put a little elastic on the shoulder straps at some point, as they are a little loose.


Saturday, March 17, 2012

New Tools?/Toys?

I suppose they are both. New tools for me to play with, making them toys? Yes?

As it seems to be established on my blog, my husband is a very handy and helpful fellow. So when I mentioned that I would like a few extra tools for my spinning hobby, he gladly set to work and made them.
I asked for a Wraps Per Inch guage, and a diz, in one, after watching a few youtube videos on using them. He handily whipped one up out of some clear poly carbonate. Just like that. Well, I guess it was, I wasn't around to hear him cursing if it didn't go like that - teehee.

The second tool was a Lazy Kate (though with a slight name change) to ply my singles from (and if you have no idea about spinning, then it is a bit like a thread holder for a sewing machine - helps keep even tension when plying (twisting) 2 or more lengths of wool together). It is heavy as, so it won't slide across the floor/table and it can happily hold 3 jumbo sized bobbins at one time. It is tensioned with some fishing wire and a spring - basically like the brake band on my wheel. It also works brilliantly.

The third tool is a niddy noddy - and one of the simplest versions - PVC pipe and fittings. This is just fantastic for me, as it is very light and I can twist the arms so that it can be stored with minimum room.

I also purchased a few new tools too - some hand cards and a jumbo flyer and bobbin set for my wheel. This means I can now fit more yarn into a skein - two standard bobbins ply together nicely to fill a jumbo bobbin. More yarn, longer length, less joining :) The hand cards are to try another way of prepping the fleece to get different results. I must admit, this learning journey is definitely a fun and squooshy one :)

Here are just my latest squooshy examples - all from the Corriedale fleece. L-R are: leftovers of the multi-coloured dying fun, n-plied, 9m, 5g; leftovers of natural coloured ~8ply weight, andean 2-plied, 46m, 29g; natural coloured ~10ply (aran/worsted weight), 240m, 173g.


Monday, March 5, 2012

10 Years - Has It Really Been That Long?

10 years ago (on the 2nd of March) DH and I got married. It is still one of my most favourite days of my life. From the fun and excitement, to my Mum thinking she had an extra hour in her day and being late to arrive with my dress. It still feels like yesterday sometimes.

It was a family affair - Mum made my dress, 2 of the bridesmaids dresses and 2 of the flower girl dresses. We got married on the beach in front of DH's Nan's house. The reception was catered for by many family members bringing dishes. It was decorated by us and our families - we were blowing up balloons at lunchtime before going home to get ready.
Apparently there was even time for a game of pool before the ceremony :)

My Grandma made the cake. Two of my uncles did the photography (one in colour, one in black and white - you know, back when they used film for photos).

It wasn't expensive or flashy, just fun and simple, like us. If I did it again - I would do the same. We had all of our friends and family with us, and that is what made it so perfect.

So this year the gift was tin. And look what my hubby made just for me :)

A little colour bond tin shed all of my own. Hehe. It might fit a reel of cotton and a needle in it.