Monday, March 29, 2010

That Dress (aka Simplicity 4653)

The dress was finally finished last week. It involved a decent amount of hand sewing, which is something that I am not very good at. But it was passable, and is also proof that practice can make perfect (though I am not very willing to get it perfect, that would require way too much practice!)
The pattern is one of my Grandma's and from what I could work out, is from sometime in the 60's. My Grandma originally made the long dress, I liked the red one :)

I had to do a few modifications, like take the front of the bodice in a bit at the top, and take about 6cm off the waist seam (I am guessing I am quite short in the waist!). I also added a smidge to go over my hips, so it wasn't clingy. All in all, it worked out well.
I made it from raw silk, which was interesting to work with, I had to interface the bodice, and all the seams and darts. I also fully lined it (another thing I have never done). I am glad I did it, to say that I have made a formal dress, but I am certainly in no hurry to make another. Some of the photos were taken after we got home, as the before ones, the dress was a bit scrunched up - so hence the swing set and no shoes or makeup :)

I think hubby scrubs up rather well too - poor bloke had to wear a tie for the occasion - first time I have ever seen him in one - and we had to go and buy it specially. :)

Look at that zip! The seams match up perfectly! I am very proud of this zip. (Sorry for the white bit at the top, seems the flash decided to overexpose my underarm lol)

Oh, and I needed a bag to match, but none of my black ones were quite right, so I dug out a zip, shortened it to the length I wanted, and made a bag with some leftover fabric :)


Monday, March 22, 2010

The Season Has Finally Broken!

Summer has finally been broken here in Perth. After a huge number of days without rain, we got rather battered by a storm front that has hit the city, from north to south.
I commented that I had never seen a storm quite like this since I have lived in Perth, and the news confirmed that - this is the worst storm the city has seen in over a decade!

The kids and I had a ball sitting out the back watching the lightning and listening to the thunder, until the loudest crack ever that made us all jump and cover our ears. But once the wind started up, we ran inside, as it was blowing rain and branches all over the place.

I think we are lucky, as many people sustained car and house damage due to the hailstones and the amount of water in such a short time.

With the flash on. All the little specks are the rain drops - they almost look like stars :)

I think we should pack the pool up now, not sure I want to swim in that! It is full of tannin from the gum trees.

Some of the flooding in our backyard - at least we won't need to water for a while now.

A bit of the mess that will need cleaning up when we dry out a bit.


Monday, March 15, 2010

It's News Time!

Yes, finally, I can share (well at least I hope I can lol)

The Crafty Mama Marketplace opens tonight! Woot! It is happening about 7:30pm EST, which I think is about 4:30pm here in the west :)

A big thank you to Lisa, from Crafty Mamas forum and shop who is hosting the marketplace, allowing long term active forum members (like me) to all join in and have a collection of little shops for our handmade goodies, including some of mine (look for the banner like my blog - well the coloured threads anyway).

And goodies there are - these lovely mamas are super talented and their wares are gorgeous.

So without further ado - The Crafty Mamas Marketplace


Saturday, March 13, 2010


Yes, I am still here. Plugging away on many projects at the moment. A formal dress for attending a wedding, some stock for a market at the end of the month, and some more stock for a special space to be launched on Monday the 15th of this month - I will keep you updated :)

But I have finished something. A cute strawberry redondo for DD's best friends birthday at the end of the month also.

I also owe my dear sister a present for her birthday, she asked for a knitting project bag - I have the zip and the fabric ready.
Does anyone have any time to spare? I am thinking March is a tad busy!