Monday, March 15, 2010

It's News Time!

Yes, finally, I can share (well at least I hope I can lol)

The Crafty Mama Marketplace opens tonight! Woot! It is happening about 7:30pm EST, which I think is about 4:30pm here in the west :)

A big thank you to Lisa, from Crafty Mamas forum and shop who is hosting the marketplace, allowing long term active forum members (like me) to all join in and have a collection of little shops for our handmade goodies, including some of mine (look for the banner like my blog - well the coloured threads anyway).

And goodies there are - these lovely mamas are super talented and their wares are gorgeous.

So without further ado - The Crafty Mamas Marketplace



VaderKip said...

Yay for Craft Mamas. What a great opportunity for everyone to showcase their fabulous products. You go girls :-)

Frances said...

Nice work Crafty Mamas! Nice website, and well planned. I hope you sell enough to support your obsession with some, no, make that LOTS, left over.

mummy_chelle said...

Cool! Hope you have a blast! Went and had a look - which one are you?