Monday, March 22, 2010

The Season Has Finally Broken!

Summer has finally been broken here in Perth. After a huge number of days without rain, we got rather battered by a storm front that has hit the city, from north to south.
I commented that I had never seen a storm quite like this since I have lived in Perth, and the news confirmed that - this is the worst storm the city has seen in over a decade!

The kids and I had a ball sitting out the back watching the lightning and listening to the thunder, until the loudest crack ever that made us all jump and cover our ears. But once the wind started up, we ran inside, as it was blowing rain and branches all over the place.

I think we are lucky, as many people sustained car and house damage due to the hailstones and the amount of water in such a short time.

With the flash on. All the little specks are the rain drops - they almost look like stars :)

I think we should pack the pool up now, not sure I want to swim in that! It is full of tannin from the gum trees.

Some of the flooding in our backyard - at least we won't need to water for a while now.

A bit of the mess that will need cleaning up when we dry out a bit.



Tas said...

Wow. Ma Nature is certainly in a mood this year, isn't she? But gotta love the rain!

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

hey there is probably a spa somewhere in the world that charges a gazillion to bath in something like that! I could almost hear the thunder from your description, thanks

Gilly said...

Amazing wasnt it Liz - we had rain all through that night, the next day and the next night...I thought it was never to stop - and the lightning was amazing too...hope you are all dry and not too dented from the hail!