Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cover Stitch Itch

After 18 months of saving, researching, and reading about many of the different cover stitch machines available, I was really itching to get one. I looked out for secondhand machines, but they seemed to be very rare. And the only one I did come across, was so close in price to a new machine, I didn't bother to check it out.

I decided that a Janome Cover Pro was basically the one machine that fit my budget, and my needs. But there were no specials on. So I rang around this morning to see what the best price was, and if there was any saving if I paid in cash. Turns out that it can certainly help :) But it was only available for this morning. Well, to save $100, I guess we were going shopping!

After a quick demo (I pretty much knew what I was getting myself in for), I walked out with this:

Happy happy joy! The Janome Cover Pro 1000CPX! A new learning curve for me :)


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Skinny Jeans....

....okay? Or no way!??

I confess - I have never in my life bought skinny jeans. Until now. And now I am feeling a little unsure - do they look ok? Am I trying to dress too young? Is it totally wrong for my body shape? Please chime in with your opinions.

I can't really take them back though, as they are hanging on the line drying :)
I am not sure I would wear them with anything other than the boots, as they just aren't long enough in the leg for me. Oh, and the tunic/top I am wearing them with - came with a tag saying it was actually a dress!! Oh my!

So what with all the reading I have been doing on what to wear for your body shape, and how to work out what body shape you are, I think I have finally worked out what shape I am. An hourglass with a tendency towards a pear at my hips/thighs. I think. lol
This is helping me be a little more decisive in choosing patterns that I want to try out and also open to the idea of ones I would never have picked before.
If you remember back to here, I think it is helping me feel less despondent about my wardrobe, as I have a slightly better idea of what will work, and what not to waste my time on. So I think the jeans have helped alleviate the daggy (gosh I do hope so!), and the new Burda pants certainly make walking to school more enjoyable (those pants make me happy - they just fit so comfortably!) Now just to swap out the old brown jumper lol But I must say, it doesn't look as terrible since I have nicer fitting pants to wear with it.

Once I finally settle on some patterns I really want to try, I might post up a picture, see if they will work together, like a mini wardrobe or something.


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Another Birthday, Another Year Older

But I made my first pair of fitted pants for myself! Woot! So I may have started the climb into my 30's, but I have some pretty spiffy pants to do it in :) It is funny how numbers affect us, this time last year I wasn't having such a fun time - must've been the big zero on the end lol Hate to think what I will be like hit 40! Add a 1 and it doesn't bother me!

So pants first, they are Burda Magazine, 4/2008 #113. In the magazine they are 3/4 length cargo pants with a cuff. I omitted the cuff, lengthened the leg, lowered the side pockets by 10cms and did my very first welt pockets with a flap (well I think they are welt pockets).

I also used the Sandra Betzina video to put the zipper in, and it worked a treat! So easy. But I forgot to take note of which way it went in, so now I have a fly that I need to open with my left hand instead of the usual right hand ones, like on RTW.

The pants look a little dressy done in the black drill, and would look great without the cargo pockets, but these pants are for walking the kids to school, so I wanted the pockets for my phone and keys. I want more though, as they are comfy and I think they look nice with the wide leg.

They are completely wrinkled, as we had just got home from the movies after seeing Toy Story 3 - totally fantastic movie :) The kids sat so still and were glued to the big screen.

To finish the day off, we had pizza and Mars Bar cheesecake for tea with my family and my sister and her family. Lovely!