Thursday, July 22, 2010

Skinny Jeans....

....okay? Or no way!??

I confess - I have never in my life bought skinny jeans. Until now. And now I am feeling a little unsure - do they look ok? Am I trying to dress too young? Is it totally wrong for my body shape? Please chime in with your opinions.

I can't really take them back though, as they are hanging on the line drying :)
I am not sure I would wear them with anything other than the boots, as they just aren't long enough in the leg for me. Oh, and the tunic/top I am wearing them with - came with a tag saying it was actually a dress!! Oh my!

So what with all the reading I have been doing on what to wear for your body shape, and how to work out what body shape you are, I think I have finally worked out what shape I am. An hourglass with a tendency towards a pear at my hips/thighs. I think. lol
This is helping me be a little more decisive in choosing patterns that I want to try out and also open to the idea of ones I would never have picked before.
If you remember back to here, I think it is helping me feel less despondent about my wardrobe, as I have a slightly better idea of what will work, and what not to waste my time on. So I think the jeans have helped alleviate the daggy (gosh I do hope so!), and the new Burda pants certainly make walking to school more enjoyable (those pants make me happy - they just fit so comfortably!) Now just to swap out the old brown jumper lol But I must say, it doesn't look as terrible since I have nicer fitting pants to wear with it.

Once I finally settle on some patterns I really want to try, I might post up a picture, see if they will work together, like a mini wardrobe or something.



Sally said...

I think they look great. BUT... you need to take the whole plunge and not team them with that frockish style top (which btw looks very comfy and is something that I would probably wear). I think you need to wear your skinny jeans with a more fitted top.
You can do it!

Liz said...

Hehe - thanks Sally :) The top is very comfy (and was the only one I could find that was long enough!). I just wanted a starter, as I don't actually have any that are long enough to wear with the jeans, fitted or otherwise.

Kelly said...

They look fantastic!, I love your outfit!

Liz said...

Thanks Kelly :)

Frances said...

Hows about one of those adorable little cropped cotton cardigans to go with your skinny jeans?

Liz said...

I like that idea Fran :) I also keep looking at the vests/waistcoats in my patterns - so maybe one of each lol