Sunday, July 4, 2010

Another Birthday, Another Year Older

But I made my first pair of fitted pants for myself! Woot! So I may have started the climb into my 30's, but I have some pretty spiffy pants to do it in :) It is funny how numbers affect us, this time last year I wasn't having such a fun time - must've been the big zero on the end lol Hate to think what I will be like hit 40! Add a 1 and it doesn't bother me!

So pants first, they are Burda Magazine, 4/2008 #113. In the magazine they are 3/4 length cargo pants with a cuff. I omitted the cuff, lengthened the leg, lowered the side pockets by 10cms and did my very first welt pockets with a flap (well I think they are welt pockets).

I also used the Sandra Betzina video to put the zipper in, and it worked a treat! So easy. But I forgot to take note of which way it went in, so now I have a fly that I need to open with my left hand instead of the usual right hand ones, like on RTW.

The pants look a little dressy done in the black drill, and would look great without the cargo pockets, but these pants are for walking the kids to school, so I wanted the pockets for my phone and keys. I want more though, as they are comfy and I think they look nice with the wide leg.

They are completely wrinkled, as we had just got home from the movies after seeing Toy Story 3 - totally fantastic movie :) The kids sat so still and were glued to the big screen.

To finish the day off, we had pizza and Mars Bar cheesecake for tea with my family and my sister and her family. Lovely!



zofia said...

So fabulous on you Liz!!!
Well done.

and Happy Birthday too! sounds like it was a perfect day. :D

Frances said...

Nice work, Liz! I can totally see why you would want a few more pairs for yourself. Happy Birthday! You know the whole of the USA celebrates the Fourth of July too! I'll be thinking of you when we ride our bikes downtown for the fireworks tonight.

Marie said...

They look fabulous Liz.

willow and moo said...

Liz, I think they look so great on you! You always inspire me to make new things.

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

you totally lost my interest in your fab pants when you mentioned cheesecake! Happy Birthday Liz. As someone who hit the 41 recently I can say it is not as bad as it seems ;-)

Joy said...

Those are wonderful pants. The pockets and other details really make them.
And happy birthday - the 30's are better than the 20's.

mummy_chelle said...

Those pants are wonderful! I love them on you and am so in awe that you made them!