Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cover Stitch Itch

After 18 months of saving, researching, and reading about many of the different cover stitch machines available, I was really itching to get one. I looked out for secondhand machines, but they seemed to be very rare. And the only one I did come across, was so close in price to a new machine, I didn't bother to check it out.

I decided that a Janome Cover Pro was basically the one machine that fit my budget, and my needs. But there were no specials on. So I rang around this morning to see what the best price was, and if there was any saving if I paid in cash. Turns out that it can certainly help :) But it was only available for this morning. Well, to save $100, I guess we were going shopping!

After a quick demo (I pretty much knew what I was getting myself in for), I walked out with this:

Happy happy joy! The Janome Cover Pro 1000CPX! A new learning curve for me :)



Tas said...

Woohoo Liz. I think it would be grounds for divorce if I bought anything that was a "sewing" machine anytime soon so I will live vicariously through you OK?
(plus they scare me lol)

Sally said...

YAY!!! ...but what does it do? What do you want to sew with it? It does hems???
... looking forward to taking this learning curve with you.

Liz said...

Tas - they are so not scary! Even less so than an overlocker, as they don't have a blade. I was only able to buy it, as I had saved up all the money from selling little bits and pieces lol

Sally - they do the lovely double/triple needle stitching you see on RTW hems. So the double rows of stitching on the right side, and the overlock looking stitch on the back. It means I can stop trying to make my twin needle work for me (because that was just not worth the stress).

Joy said...

Congratulations! Does anybody really save up their money anymore? You should be proud of yourself just for doing that!

I love my coverstitch, although I have a different brand (the brother). It's great for perfectly spaced double topstitching, too.

Marie said...

Congrats on the new baby. Enjoy your CS-moon

I was lucky to get mine secondhand but I don't think it had been used at all.

zofia said...

Congrats Liz! Well deserved :D
Hopefully you will get me motivated to get mine out ;)

Mary Nanna said...

I have been thinking about a coverstitch myself - so look forward to hearing how you find using it.

mummy_chelle said...

I am so jealous! But in a good way LOL! Well done to you for saving up for it and getting some money off the price.