Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tulip Pants Modelled and an Art Folder

I finally got some pictures of DD modelling her Tulip pants - and once she started she didn't want to stop! She is such a crack-up - she had a balloon and was turning this way, and that way. Both DH & I had a camera each and she thought it was hilarious! So here is just one of those pictures :)

DS's best friend is turning 7 very soon, so I was trying to think what we could make him for his birthday. Apparently he likes drawing, so I thought I would try an art folder. I found a few tutorials on the web, but nothing to the size I wanted it, so I made up my own. I must remember next time to make sure there is ample room for all the pencils - I had enough space for the coloured ones, but not for the lead one, so it sits in with the sketch pad.
I used my embroidery machine for the design on the front, and padded the cover with fleece and used some stiff interfacing to make it sturdier. Some of the gorgeous Farbenmix robots ribbon decorates the inside.
I am really happy with it, and I hope that DS's friend is too.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ottobre Tulip Pants, Books and Chalk Drawings

As soon as I received my latest issue of Ottobre magazine (4/2009), I knew that the first item I would be making was the Tulip pants. They are just soooo gorgeous, and very much my daughters style. So I traced them, and cut them out while my sewing machine was getting a service, so I was ready to start when it came back. They took me just 5 days with a little bit of sewing on most days to finish them. I found them quite easy, despite a few details I had never done before like pintucking on the back pockets and binding with corduroy. The gathered leg panels at different lengths are different, and also one of the reasons I like this pattern.
DD will not grace me with trying them on for a photo, so I will just have to show lots of unmodelled shots :)

Front pocket

Back pocket

Back pocket flap

Front (they aren't wonky - that is just my bad photography skills)


Back close up

Also this week I had two lovely books arrive. My grandparents gave me some money to spend on myself (strict instructions to only spend it on me lol), so I bought 2 books I had been wanting for awhile.
The soap recipes are delightful, and I can't wait to make a batch.

And our driveway looked like the chalk pictures on the pavement scene out of Mary Poppins before the rain came and washed them all away. The kids used most of a bucket of chalk to draw hearts all over our driveway and colour them in. It was lovely to walk out and see them - an instant smile creator. This is just a few of them.


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cushions, Pj's and Sharks

Have nothing in common at all - except they all reside at my house.

After 8 years of using the same, flat, boring cushions, I decided we needed some new ones. So off I went to purchase some new inserts and make new covers. The covers are made from some remnant fabric (the blue) and a valance I found at the opshop quite a while ago. I just love the design, and it is quite a heavy cotton - sort of decorator weight I would guess. Just perfect for cushions. And they are. Except......after 8 years of being used, our old cushions gave me a false sense of how big they were. So I ended up with 14" cushions, and the old ones were 18". My husband likes the covers, just not the size. So I am going to need to make more and find a new home for the cushions and their covers.

Several months ago I purchased the Oliver + S Bedtime Stories Pj pattern, and plenty of scrummy flannelette to make my kids some new winter pj's. It took me about a month to get around to sewing them up. And once I had traced them, they didn't take much time at all. I think I sewed them on and off for about a week. I did snaps for closures instead of the ties - with my cold hands and wiggly kids, they would end up half dressed for bed! I do love them on the kids, they look fantastic. Overall, it is not a pattern I can say I am in love with. Had I gone by the measurements they would have been too small. So I went with what sizes I normally go with for my kids. I found the pattern to be quite long and slim. I took length off the sleeves for both of them, and didn't put the leg hem band on, as there was just too much length in there. So I did a nice big hem, and will hopefully drop it for next year after growth spurts. But the kids are super happy, want more lol So who can argue with that :)

With all the rain that has been happening here (well you know, it is winter and all that), some of the washing got a little bit behind. Poor DS was running out of long sleeved t-shirts. He was down to wearing on old RTW one from last year that was almost halfway between his wrist and elbow! I counted and he only had 5 including the too small one. So using the same pattern as I did for his birthday tops, I got one sewn up in just 2 hours! OMG!! That is a record for me lol And I am very happy with how it looks.