Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ottobre Tulip Pants, Books and Chalk Drawings

As soon as I received my latest issue of Ottobre magazine (4/2009), I knew that the first item I would be making was the Tulip pants. They are just soooo gorgeous, and very much my daughters style. So I traced them, and cut them out while my sewing machine was getting a service, so I was ready to start when it came back. They took me just 5 days with a little bit of sewing on most days to finish them. I found them quite easy, despite a few details I had never done before like pintucking on the back pockets and binding with corduroy. The gathered leg panels at different lengths are different, and also one of the reasons I like this pattern.
DD will not grace me with trying them on for a photo, so I will just have to show lots of unmodelled shots :)

Front pocket

Back pocket

Back pocket flap

Front (they aren't wonky - that is just my bad photography skills)


Back close up

Also this week I had two lovely books arrive. My grandparents gave me some money to spend on myself (strict instructions to only spend it on me lol), so I bought 2 books I had been wanting for awhile.
The soap recipes are delightful, and I can't wait to make a batch.

And our driveway looked like the chalk pictures on the pavement scene out of Mary Poppins before the rain came and washed them all away. The kids used most of a bucket of chalk to draw hearts all over our driveway and colour them in. It was lovely to walk out and see them - an instant smile creator. This is just a few of them.


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mirage said...

Great pants and a lot of detail. Love the contrasting fabric. Hmmm binding on the pocket that is very Pro! Maybe you will get an action shot in the future ;-)