Monday, February 22, 2010

A Birthday and 2 Challenges Completed

Last week it was my baby's 5th birthday - she is growing up. Awww. I also joined in with a Sew-a-long at CraftyMama's for the gorgeous Mamu Vivi pattern and I finished my item for the February challenge at Carolyn's blog :) These two items made up part of my daughters birthday present.

The Vivi pattern is gorgeous! A funky little skirt that has about 6 variations. I chose the college skirt variation, and altered it a bit too. This skirt has a pleat in the front and the back, I decided to make the pleat from a contrasting fabric, and used that same fabric for the waistband.

My knit fabric challenge was the Farbenmix Antonia top. I used a cotton/lycra for the body and stella for the sleeves and shoulders.

Both items were well received, and DD had a lovely day - she even got to take a tub full of biscuits to school to share with her class.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tut tut me!

I should've shared a little more about my sewing room makeover - it was part of the February Challenge over at Crafty Mamas - with the theme of Lets Get Organised. I must say I am really enjoying the space being more organised, it is so much easier to find things (who'd a thunk it really!)

As a reward for taking part in the challenge, one of our lovely members made a button/badge to showoff on our blogs - isn't it gorgeous!

So if you like doing crafty things, or just like thinking crafty, then come and join us and share the love!


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sewing Area Makeover

Since the kids are back at school and my dear husband is on holidays, what better to do than re-arrange my sewing area to try and maximise my sewing experience (aka clean up my mess).

So we start with a trip to Ikea - with the kids and on a Saturday - not something we care to repeat in a hurry, but I must say the new store is rather nice to wander around. So we got some boxes and some more magazine holders, as hubby didn't feel like making more of the ones he made me before.

Then a trip to Bunnings to price materials and work out what we wanted to construct with. Back home for a cuppa and a sit down and work everything out. We stayed very close to my original design, but modified it slightly to work with the size of the wood we chose.
So after 2 days I had this (and yes, I had to stack the shelves the night they went in). It even has a special part at the end for my ironing board!!

And then another 1 & 1/2 days passed and we installed this half :)

It is brilliant! And it doesn't make the space look or feel closed in either, which did concern me a little, as it is a walkway and isn't a very big space either.
The kids share the bookcase side, and have their books at the bottom, while mine are up the top.

Things are still finding their place in the shelves, but I am sooooooo happy with how they turned out. Isn't my husband just the best!


Back to School We Go

The kids headed back to school this week just gone. My DS is now in year 2 and DD is in pre-primary. So they are both at school 5 days a week this year! OMG! DD had a settling in period this week, just 2 half days and one full. Next week she has 4 full days and Wednesday off. The following week is 5 full days - along with her 5th birthday! But more on the birthday another time.

So to get them ready for school DS needed a pencil case, as they don't have them in year 1. So I had some great space fabric and DS chose the positioning as to what was showing where. I also embroidered his name on a scrap of fabric and sewed it on the back.

This was also the year that DD needed a library bag - some leftover denim and gorgeous cherry fabric were perfect! I added a unicorn embroidery and her name on the front to make it a bit prettier for her.

They both look so grown up in their school uniforms this year :)