Saturday, February 6, 2010

Back to School We Go

The kids headed back to school this week just gone. My DS is now in year 2 and DD is in pre-primary. So they are both at school 5 days a week this year! OMG! DD had a settling in period this week, just 2 half days and one full. Next week she has 4 full days and Wednesday off. The following week is 5 full days - along with her 5th birthday! But more on the birthday another time.

So to get them ready for school DS needed a pencil case, as they don't have them in year 1. So I had some great space fabric and DS chose the positioning as to what was showing where. I also embroidered his name on a scrap of fabric and sewed it on the back.

This was also the year that DD needed a library bag - some leftover denim and gorgeous cherry fabric were perfect! I added a unicorn embroidery and her name on the front to make it a bit prettier for her.

They both look so grown up in their school uniforms this year :)



zofia said...

How grown-up they look!
Adele looks like a professional school kid already, heaps of attitude!!! :D

zofia said...

Meant to say, they made gear is fab too! ;)

Frances said...

I can't believe they're both at school already. Between your two and Hannah starting high school, this particular great/aunt is beginning to feel old!