Saturday, January 30, 2010

Be Happy With Your Choice

We made a trip to Ikea today, to look at the selection of shelving before we travel down the road of building a new shelving unit for my sewing area (it really needs some serious organisation before it takes over my lounge room).
I must say, the new store is rather impressive. It is well set out and easier to find things than in the old Ikea store.

But the best part was our trip home, when from the backseat came DD's little voice, who was reading her map from Ikea....

"Step 1: Drill holes

Step 2: Paint

Step 3: Put a computer in it

Step 4: Be happy with your choice"

From a 4 year old that so pretty cute lol And I think she may have worked out the order in which daddy modifies things - drilling, painting, then electronic-ifying lol



Sally said...

That is way smart!!!
Good luck with your storage solutions.

cherri said...

That is hilarious and oh so true! Clever girl.

zofia said...

hehe, gotta love that-'put a computer in it'!!! Cute!