Sunday, June 28, 2009

I Knew I Could Do It!

I finished an UFO today! Yep, the pink hood in the last post is a Jule top from Farbenmix. I love their patterns! It is a relatively easy pattern to sew, and came together quickly (just in lots of stops and starts for me).

I made the 110/116 for my DD (she is only 4 and normally wears a 104). But I figured it would possibly fit her for a bit longer. It is a little roomy, but fits her great over a long top. I used my new embroidery machine to colour it up a bit before sewing it all together.


I Spy With My Little Eye...

One finished object, 3 UFO's and a giraffe!

So we will start with the finished item :)

DH asked for a pouch to carry his work phone in, one that was easy to get the phone into and out of so he could put it in his hands-free kit in the car. It also needed to be on his belt, because he didn't hear it ring, or feel it vibrate if it was in his pocket and he was walking/working.
So I made up my pattern and tested it. It was a wee bit too small. So I cut another out of different fabric, but I forgot to mark the changes on my pattern. Duh!! I think I just made the pieces slightly longer.
He appreciates it - he just wishes I had used different fabric. I think it is great - bright so he can't lose it, and no-one else has one like it. hehe

Ok, UFO's seem to be growing in number in my house. I have figured out that I work better if I have stuff traced/cut out when wanting to complete things. But, I hate hemming and hand sewing, so things don't always get done........

UFO number 1. This is looking like I will get it finished next week - yay!

UFO number 2. Now this should be finished this afternoon if I get off the computer!

UFO number 3. Finish date for this is unknown, as it is the one that requires hemming and hand sewing! Double whammy.

Plus I just started another project, that I haven't photographed, but they should be pretty straight forward once I change my thread in the machine :)

And to finish off, a giraffe. Drawn by my gorgeous 4 year old. :)


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Little Red Riding Hood

Dress up day at kindy this week and the theme is fairy tales. So DD wants to be Little Red Riding Hood. As I had a fair amount of warning, I knew I could do this. I wanted what ever I made, to be wearable as everyday wear too. And I wanted to make it out of fabrics in my stash. Which I did, I just bought the trim for the cape.

The top and cape are from Ottobre 6/2008. #20 for the top, and #22A for the cape. The top is just a thinnish knit from Spotlight, with a strawberry print. It is pretty and comfortable. Because it isn't very stretchy, I went up a size from the usual.
The cape is from gorgeous red fine cord, also from Spotlight. I had just enough in my stash to make the cape. The trim is gorgeous elastic gingham.

The skirt is based on the Insa pattern from Farbenmix. Going by the measurements, my DD's waist was too big for all the sizes, and I wanted a fullish skirt (ie: lots of twirl), and an elastic waist. So I used 5 panels instead of 4, and omitted the drop style waistband, just used a regular sized waistband. For the overskirt, I used red gingham from my grandma, and for the underskirt, I had some white cotton (I think that's what it is) from a valance I picked up at the opshop ages ago. I ruffled some white cotton poplin for the trim on the overskirt - just left the underskirt with a simple rolled hem.

I am really happy with this outfit - it is just so cute!


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A New Toy, Essential Sewing and Some Vintage

Catching up............again! I really should update more often.......but I procrastinate.........and then have to do a huge post. Oops!!

There is a new toy in my house. It is a Bernina Bernette Deco 340! A stand alone embroidery machine that is just gorgeous. I have wanted an embroidery machine for nearly a year now. I would keep looking, but not doing much else, as I thought it wasn't ever going to happen. So I decided to get brochures, and go to the shops and look. Hubby, bless him, decided this meant I was really serious.

I was happy to settle for a second hand machine, if I could get one that would do what I wanted. But I didn't want to pay full price for something that I could grow out of (ie: too small a hoop, restricted with designs, or how you tranfer them to the machine). So with all that criteria, I looked. Janome was good, but too pricey. Brother was the right price, but I didn't really like them when I saw them in real life. Thought a Bernina was wayyyyyyy out of my range, but stopped at the shop on the way home. Well they had a great deal on with the Deco - free software, a thread pack and the usb stick for $400 off the RRP! Beautiful, beautiful quality stitching (and I have always secretly wanted a Bernina lol). Armed with this information, I set off home to convince hubby - as the sale price only ran for another 3 days! Well, he told me to get back in the car and go and buy it. Just like that! Gotta love him!
He had the first go at stitching a design - the Linux penguin. He was in lovely bright colours as that was all I had to start with (the thread pack wasn't in store, I had to pick it up later). I also did a dragon for DS and a butterfly for DD.

And the penguin in his normal colours (or as close as).

I made up some school pants for DS a few weeks ago - not very exciting, but essential. And at least I know they fit. The pair I bought from the school were too long in the leg and too tight in the waist (and he is a slim boy). Plus I prefer the kids to be in 100% if at all possible. I based the pants on an Ottobre pattern, #23 from 6/2007. I used the hip pocket design from #20 in 3/2004. The pants pattern is actually for lined pants - something I realised after the fact! So they are a little baggy on DS, but because they have decent hems in them, I can let them down and lengthen the elastic when the time comes.

I made my first lot of bias binding! Woohoo! How much fun was that! It was a lot easier than I expected, and I ended up with about 15 metres of it lol I needed it for a pinny/apron I wanted to make for DD, but I didn't have any bought stuff on hand. So I used some old fabric from my Grandma, and made my own with the Clover bias maker.
Then I used it on the edges of an Enid Gilchrist pinny, from her Play Clothes book. You have to draft the patterns yourself, she just gives you the measurements, and a smaller diagram to work from. I don't think it is any harder than tracing an Ottobre pattern really. Plus, I figure I am stretching my brain slightly differently. So the pinny is made from an old sheet and some old fabric, plus some old lace from the oppy. Pretty cool - and I got it all sewn in one day! Even better :) DD loves it (even though it isn't pink lol).

Well that is about it for now.