Sunday, June 28, 2009

I Spy With My Little Eye...

One finished object, 3 UFO's and a giraffe!

So we will start with the finished item :)

DH asked for a pouch to carry his work phone in, one that was easy to get the phone into and out of so he could put it in his hands-free kit in the car. It also needed to be on his belt, because he didn't hear it ring, or feel it vibrate if it was in his pocket and he was walking/working.
So I made up my pattern and tested it. It was a wee bit too small. So I cut another out of different fabric, but I forgot to mark the changes on my pattern. Duh!! I think I just made the pieces slightly longer.
He appreciates it - he just wishes I had used different fabric. I think it is great - bright so he can't lose it, and no-one else has one like it. hehe

Ok, UFO's seem to be growing in number in my house. I have figured out that I work better if I have stuff traced/cut out when wanting to complete things. But, I hate hemming and hand sewing, so things don't always get done........

UFO number 1. This is looking like I will get it finished next week - yay!

UFO number 2. Now this should be finished this afternoon if I get off the computer!

UFO number 3. Finish date for this is unknown, as it is the one that requires hemming and hand sewing! Double whammy.

Plus I just started another project, that I haven't photographed, but they should be pretty straight forward once I change my thread in the machine :)

And to finish off, a giraffe. Drawn by my gorgeous 4 year old. :)


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