Sunday, June 7, 2009

Little Red Riding Hood

Dress up day at kindy this week and the theme is fairy tales. So DD wants to be Little Red Riding Hood. As I had a fair amount of warning, I knew I could do this. I wanted what ever I made, to be wearable as everyday wear too. And I wanted to make it out of fabrics in my stash. Which I did, I just bought the trim for the cape.

The top and cape are from Ottobre 6/2008. #20 for the top, and #22A for the cape. The top is just a thinnish knit from Spotlight, with a strawberry print. It is pretty and comfortable. Because it isn't very stretchy, I went up a size from the usual.
The cape is from gorgeous red fine cord, also from Spotlight. I had just enough in my stash to make the cape. The trim is gorgeous elastic gingham.

The skirt is based on the Insa pattern from Farbenmix. Going by the measurements, my DD's waist was too big for all the sizes, and I wanted a fullish skirt (ie: lots of twirl), and an elastic waist. So I used 5 panels instead of 4, and omitted the drop style waistband, just used a regular sized waistband. For the overskirt, I used red gingham from my grandma, and for the underskirt, I had some white cotton (I think that's what it is) from a valance I picked up at the opshop ages ago. I ruffled some white cotton poplin for the trim on the overskirt - just left the underskirt with a simple rolled hem.

I am really happy with this outfit - it is just so cute!



Sara said...

Awesome work Liz!!!

Tas said...

Very cute RRH you have there!

mirage said...

brilliant! Elastic gingham trim sounds nice.
I bet she was a happy camper.

Kat said...

You're awesome Liz!! Well done!