Monday, January 31, 2011

Back To School Roundup

School starts back this week - just 2 more sleeps.

DD is in year 1 this year, so needed a few extra items - an art shirt/smock, and a pencil case. I looked quickly online for a pattern for an art smock, but couldn't find one that I was happy with, so I pulled out my Enid Gilchrist books and flicked through. I found one that was roughly the right size, so using DDs measurements, drafted up a rough pattern. I didn't get it quite right, as when I sewed the sleeves on the neckline was rather uneven, so the casing for the elastic is far from perfect. But it will work and that is all that matters.

It is sewn from an op-shop bed sheet - a lovely thick cotton. The sleeve bottoms and neckline are gathered with elastic to make it easy for her to get on and off herself.
I think by the thumbs up it is satisfactory :)

Listed on the year 1 booklist is a pencil case, but I didn't want to buy one as they are not very nice quality at all. I also wasn't sure if she would use it, as DS didn't when he was in year 1. So I delved in the stash to see what we could come up with. This fabric was a remnant from SL, and the zip is a very old one that was given to me. I like that it matches almost exactly to the green :)

Packing the school supplies in bags to take to school, I noticed DS's pencil case from last year had started to get holes in it. He asked very nicely if I could make him a new one. So we picked some red corduroy (from the op-shop) and a bright blue zip from the stash.

Nice and shiny and new, all ready for school.


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Kings Park Visit

We decided to take a picnic up to Kings Park today, as the kids haven't been up there since they were quite small. It was very warm, but also a lovely day out.

We started with a walk around the parkland, stopping to watch the water fountains, and play at the waterfall.

Then it was over the elevated walkway, looking out over the river and the city.

We then drove up to the playground and had a picnic lunch. Cooling off under the water sprayers before we headed home.

A lovely summer day!


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Super Dooper Quick Christmas Present Roundup

(coz I forgot to do it before now).

For the kids, they both received a mummy made outfit. Ottobre shorts for DS, with a Farbenmix Hilde t-shirt. Ottobre tee and Farbenmix Carolyn skirt/leggings combo for DD. All fabrics are from Crafty Mamas, also the ribbon embellishments.
EDIT: The Otto patterns are: shorts - 1/2004 #24 (I think they were pants, but I made them shorts, in a size 134).
DD's tee is 3/2010 #31 in a size 116 - I found it is on the small side, or intended for a very slim child.

They also asked for a set of beanbags - so I did 4 sets, so my nieces received a set each too. Except I was a little overzealous making these, I made the outer with velcro so they could be removed and washed - never, ever, again!! That was pure madness - though they will be easy to wash :)

For my younger cousins, and another young family member, I made covered journals. Super happy with these. The bigger ones are A4, and the smaller ones are A6. Embroidery designs are all from Huups.

A lanyard for a great Aunt. I was unsure of the colours in this before sewing it up - but it is just perfect for her.

And lastly, a Keyka Lou Half-Moon Bag in Meadowsweet fabrics. This was for my Aunty and she loved it! So do I :)


Hello 2011!

Here is a picture to hopefully make you smile - it makes me smile (and look at those busy bees in the middle).

I have no lists of what I have achieved to post up - it is not that I don't want to, I do, but that would involve sitting down and looking through all my photos. Maybe I will make a tally list this year? I am good at lists lol
 I have been really enjoying reading other bloggers lists of crafty stuff they have completed in 2010, some people complete so much. Which makes it feel as though I haven't done much, but I know I have so maybe I need to go through it all, even if it is just for me. I will leave my progress list up for a bit longer, maybe, to jog my memory :)

I hope you all had a merry time welcoming in the new year last night. We went to a friends house and had a great time, but I didn't stay up until 12, I went to bed and read my book instead - but did hear some nearby party people doing the countdown, and then the fireworks, so that is good enough for me :)