Saturday, January 1, 2011

Super Dooper Quick Christmas Present Roundup

(coz I forgot to do it before now).

For the kids, they both received a mummy made outfit. Ottobre shorts for DS, with a Farbenmix Hilde t-shirt. Ottobre tee and Farbenmix Carolyn skirt/leggings combo for DD. All fabrics are from Crafty Mamas, also the ribbon embellishments.
EDIT: The Otto patterns are: shorts - 1/2004 #24 (I think they were pants, but I made them shorts, in a size 134).
DD's tee is 3/2010 #31 in a size 116 - I found it is on the small side, or intended for a very slim child.

They also asked for a set of beanbags - so I did 4 sets, so my nieces received a set each too. Except I was a little overzealous making these, I made the outer with velcro so they could be removed and washed - never, ever, again!! That was pure madness - though they will be easy to wash :)

For my younger cousins, and another young family member, I made covered journals. Super happy with these. The bigger ones are A4, and the smaller ones are A6. Embroidery designs are all from Huups.

A lanyard for a great Aunt. I was unsure of the colours in this before sewing it up - but it is just perfect for her.

And lastly, a Keyka Lou Half-Moon Bag in Meadowsweet fabrics. This was for my Aunty and she loved it! So do I :)



Tracy aka Mad Quilter said...

Liz it all looks wonderful. I like the beanbags but I wouldn't of been as good as you with making covers, a real labour of love. I really need to get some more quality knits too,they make for perfect results

Sally said...

Brilliant. Love 'em all! And who knew sandbags would be so popular. I think this year I will start making things to gift ahead of time and just stashing them away ready for the end of year craziness... so sandbags are a winner hey? Any tips - other than not to use velcro.

Tas said...

Amazing haul Liz. You did good, girlfriend. Love those journal embroideries!