Friday, August 20, 2010

Kids Dress Up Day

Last week, both of the kids had dress up day.

For DS, it was NAIDOC week, so he was to wear NAIDOC colours to school. He wanted a bit more though, and asked for an Aboriginal flag on his t-shirt. Since he was using his red sports tee, I didn't want to paint onto it, as it is sports week in the not too distant future.
A quick look at my felt collection produced yellow, red and black. So I cut out a small flag and stitched it onto his t-shirt for the day. Quick and easy, and the flag is there for next year should he ask again.

DD was dressing up as a nursery rhyme character, and wanted to be little miss muffet. Well, little miss muffet had a slight wardrobe deficit, so borrowed her top and skirt from little red riding hood. But she did have a new cap, apron and spider :)
The cap I made with a circle of fabric, roll hemmed the edge and sewed elastic in about 6cms from the edge (like a shower cap).

And the apron was just a rectangle, gathered a little at the top, a sash tie with velcro at the back, and a ruffle.

The spider, brown felt and wool covered dowel - quite simple really.