Friday, August 20, 2010

Dortje (finally)

These pants have been made for ages! At least a month if I remember correctly. But every time DD wears them, I totally forget to take a photo. Well, here they are, and DD declined to model them for me.

I used both mid wale and baby cord and stitched the embroidery directly onto the pants. That was a worrying time, as I had already put the pockets onto the front, and have done very little stitching onto the actually garment before. The design took about 40 minutes to stitch out, and I sat there with my fingers crossed that it would work properly and I wouldn't ruin the front of the pants, as I was using remnants of both fabrics.

Thankfully it did, and it looks great!

I did have one issue with the pants, and that was after stitching the legs together, and overlocking, my elastic for the gathering in the side seams wasn't so gathered. So I stitched some clear elastic in to make it more obvious. It worked, but seems to pull the legs in on themselves a bit. Never mind, she will grow and then I will need to make more soon :)



Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

nothing short of brilliant! and I know what you mean about waiting nervously during a stitch out LOL

Sally said...

Loving those pants very much indeedy ... they'd be great without the embroidery... but with it the pants are taken to a whole new astronomical level. YAY!