Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pitt Pants

Farbenmix Pitt. My first try at using a German pattern and it worked, so I must be doing something right :) If I am honest, I had to redo the zip a few times, and I stuffed up the top of the pockets a whisker, but all in all, the pants went together rather simply.

I did have the photo tutorial to help me along - though the babelfish translation really leaves so much to be desired. And just a side note, when they tell you (show you) to sew the tops of the pockets when they are right sides together, they really do mean it lol. I thought, what are they on about, ignored that part, turned, top-stitched and then realised what a dill I had been! That has been safely stored away for the next pair I make.

The best bit is that my son loves them! They do look a little too big on him, skinny, tall weed that he is. There is also a bit of length left in the hems, so that I can let them down when he grows. IF he doesn't wear the knees out first.

Fabric is a gorgeous soft cotton drill from the CM Shop, that has been maturing in my stash for many months. DS picked a bright orange zip from my limited collection.

And out of 5 belt loops, I managed to get one perfect bartack - I think I need to practice them a bit more.



zofia said...

Love them Liz. especially that lovely stitchwork.
Hmm, I have some drill 'maturing' in my stash too ;)

cherri said...

They look great - very nice stitching...

Sally said...

AWESOME pants! That stitching is so good. Love it. And look at your DS - how chuffed is he?

monART said...

gosh liss wow how neat! love it