Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Birthday

Was celebrated last week. My boy turned 7! I still don't know where all those years went. One moment he is a baby, wanting constant feeding, next he is at school, can read by himself and needs a bigger bike! (Which luckily was a birthday present).

As seems to be the tradition since I began sewing, my kids get a new outfit for their birthdays. DS actually checked to make sure I was making one :) And when I handed him a present to unwrap, he said "Ohhh it's from Mummy. Must be new clothes". Well then, no surprises there.

I had fun picking the patterns, as he is now a size 128 (euro sizing for those thinking he is a giant lol). So that means for a lot of the Ottobre patterns, he is in the next/bigger size range, and there is some seriously cool boys wear for older boys.

Some influence for choosing patterns came from a piece of fabric I received in a Crafty Mama's swap from the lovely Lissy of handmade - homegrown. It was a woven in black with awesome dragons on it. I knew immediately that I wanted to make a button up shirt. But heading into winter and with only just enough fabric to scrape a short sleeve shirt from, also taking into account the fact that DS really didn't like button up, collared shirts, I was in for a challenge. The pants fabric was some widewale cord that I had been hoarding for years! The t-shirt fabric was a remnant of a stretchy knit - probably a cotton/elastane blend - beautiful to sew.

1/2007 had exactly what I was looking for! A button up shirt, combined with a long sleeve t-shirt (#31). Perfect. Even better, the pants paired with it in the magazine (#32), were just what I was looking for. DS loved it!

I also realised after beginning to sew the t-shirt part, that it was navy blue not black like the shirt. But it works well. I had to fussy cut the sleeves in the dragon fabric, and didn't notice that the blue dragons were different sizes at each selvedge. But these are unimportant details - it looks great overall - and I am finally getting to the point of "blind man....galloping horse" about my sewing (ie: it is perfect to my hubby, it is only me that notices the fiddly bits).

Little boast for the binding - look how great it went on with the twin needle :) Though the stupid needle decided to skip when I did the hem and I had no more, so I won't show you that.

Oh, and a sugar laden cake :) The Treasure Island cake from the Womens Weekly Kids Cake Book.



kbenco said...

What a fabulous outfit. I adore the dragons. Everytime you make something from Ottobre I am tempted to buy an issue or two.
Unreal cake also. Happy birthday to your son. I bet he had a great day.

cherri said...

Well done Liz - they look great - the shirt is fantastic - the fabric is just perfect for it!

The binding is very neat - I need to make some more tees and practice mine.

So happy b'day Mr 7 - how exciting to be in the bigger size range;)

Sally said...

Brilliant boys outfit. Absolutely adore the dragon shirt. Uber cool.
... and that cake!!! WOW! Looks totally amazing.
Happy Birthday to your DS.

zofia said...

Just fabulous Liz. It's really cool, he looks well pleased :D
Fantastic stitching on that binding too.
Hope the big boy enjoyed his day.

mummy_chelle said...

He looks so cool! Love the outfit and you sew really well - only you can spot the 'less than perfections'. I especially love how your son thinks it is cool to get clothes from you as presents!!!