Friday, May 14, 2010

Farbenmix Fano

Yesterday I received a scrummy parcel from Crafty Mama's. Best of all, it contained 3 patterns just for me! One of those patterns was the lovely Farbenmix Fano. I had it traced and completely sewn and was wearing it out the door within 24 hours! New record for me.

As the pattern is in german, I just picked the pieces I wanted for the long sleeve version, minus the pocket (no point adding extra bulk to the old baby storage area lol) After that I abandoned the instructions and it went together just like a t-shirt.

Excuse the pj pants ;)

I am super impressed by this pattern, I did no modifications anywhere - other than adding the seam allowances, and it fits beautifully! The sleeves are slightly long, perfect to keep your fingers warm, and the hem is adequately long, but next I will add a little extra (I like my tops just a touch longer). The fabric is very similar to Stella, but isn't - it was hiding in my stash.

It is comfortable, red (one of my favourite colours) and I want to make more. Shame my twin needle played havoc again......galloping horse, galloping horse lol



willow and moo said...

Liz, the top looks fabulous on you! :)
And I swear I've at least one other photo of you in pj pants. LOL

Sally said...

Ace top Liz! ... and I have those exact same PJ pants!!!

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

24 hours , wow, you are really on a roll. Great top. Was the twin needle for the top stitching?

Joy said...

Very nice shirt - and they seem to coordinate well with your pj pants!

Tas said...

It is gorgeous Liz. I vow to stop following your blog as I don't want to keep buying more Farbenmix patterns after seeing you make them up ;) (as if lol)

Tin Can Daisy said...

Nice pj pants lol.

OK, seriously the top looks great and that colour is lovely on you. I like the extra bit of length on the sleeves too.

angelina said...

i love red, and i love that neckline.xx

nerines said...

Looks great and goes very well with the P.J's :-)