Friday, May 7, 2010

Keyka Lou Pouches

The kids had a Mother's Day stall at school this week - they both needed to take a gift to the value $3. Well as I despise shopping so much, and trying to find a lovely gift for $3 to take - I gave up, stayed home and sewed one instead lol

I used one of my new Keyka Lou patterns - The Pyramid Pouch. Small yet useful and cute too. I did modify the flap slightly, as I wanted it to have a button closure like the Boxy Wallet - as I had no small snaps on hand.

I used some lovely mushroom fabric and some spots (love them spots).

The kids came home from school today - where they bought something for Mother's Day from the stall - and they were both a little disappointed that the pouches weren't there when it was their turn to buy - as they wanted to buy one for me! :)

Hope all the mums out there have a lovely Mother's Day!



Marie said...

Very cute about the kids wanting to buy your donation back. The pouches look great.

Sally said...

So sweet. Those pouches are very adorable ... there are going to be some lucky mothers out there on Sunday.
All the best for a wonderful day.

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

great pouches and I am sure two mums out there felt very happy with their child's choice!

Umma crafty squirrel said...

I love your pouches, I'm a keyka lou lover as well. Yours turned out so nice.