Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ottobre Saves The Day

It is dress up day at school tomorrow for the letter I. I forgot this until I got to school yesterday morning. So after shopping I sat down and went through my Otto's. DD was going as an Indian (so much simpler for me). There had to be something I could use.
I was also limited with my fabric, so had to choose carefully.

I settled on a simple elastic waisted skirt, #11, from 4/2004, and modified the bottom to make a V-shape, and also chose the girls t-shirt from the same issue, #38. Now I just needed a vest.
There was a perfect one in 3/2006, #15 - but it only went to a size 104! I needed a 110. Never mind that it was a boys - we can ignore that fact. So I up-sized it one size when tracing (fingers tightly crossed that it would fit). When it came to cutting out though, I didn't have enough fabric, so I took about 10cms off the bottom - I didn't really want it anyway.

As I sewed it together, I didn't like how sharp the front was (it was meant to be button up), so I shaped it for a softer look. I used some of my previously made bias binding for the facings - it isn't perfect, but this is dress-ups!

The t-shirt I made from an old t-shirt. Now whilst the pattern states to use a firm knit, this fabric has no give at all. So I should've used a bigger size, but it will fit for tomorrow.
The fringing is fantastic (from CM Shop) - easy to sew on and completes the look.

Everything is from the stash, and the embroidery is one that came with my machine.


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Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

ok you get a big gold star for that one, and how cute with a big smile too.