Monday, April 12, 2010

Nappy Wallet & Clutch

Several months ago, my sister designed and made herself a nappy clutch. While she was at it, she also made a smaller version, a nappy wallet. The clutch can hold up to 4 nappies, a hard case of wipes, a disposable change mat and several bags for disposing of the nappies. The wallet holds 1 nappy and a small soft pack of wipes, along with some disposal bags.

My sister wanted a boys one for a baby gift, and asked if I could make it. In other words, *make one and make one for your congocart or else I will get grumpy with you* lol. My sister can be very persistent and persuasive! So I did.

It was fun, and so I made a nappy clutch for the congocart as well :)

I really like the clutch, it almost makes me want to need it!



Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

almost????? ;-)

nice items. i designed one for cloth nappies a while ago but was not happy with it ... i guess i better drag that UFO out and revisit it sometime before October!

Sally said...

I need to make myself one of those... we don't need a nappy bag anymore but we still need to take a nappy with us when we're out.