Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April Challenge

is something lined. Now, I am not sure if I will partake in this challenge, as my dress from the last post was lined, and I am certainly in no hurry to re-visit that particular challenge.
It wasn't a horrible experience, far from it really. It was just slow. And tedious. And needing perfection (and I am not a perfectionist - can't be bothered really).

So right now I am sewing clothes for my kids. Because they are really lacking in winter clothes, and I don't feel like going and buying them any. Also because I have cupboards full of fabric that I need/want to use up. Their clothes don't require perfection, they are easy to sew, and fun. As long as I remember to sew one of my labels onto them, my son is happy.

Just thinking about the current project, it has a lined hood. Would that count as fulfilling the challenge I wonder? I need to sew some of the same tops for my daughter, so maybe if I do a few it will count :)

As I can't leave this post without a picture, here is a peek at what I am currently sewing. If all goes well, it may actually be finished and wearable by tomorrow afternoon.

So maybe I will join in this challenge after all. If you want to have fun with the rest of us, head over to Carolyn's blog and put your name down. See you at the end of the month to share your projects!



Sally said...

I think a lined hoodie counts :)

Julie said...

Hi - I'm just looking at your lovely blog. That nappy clutch is awesome! but my question is about your labels - they're soo cute! and I'd like to get some myself but there seems to be too many options on where to buy them, so I thought I'd ask you where you got yours? ps - do you seriously forget to sew them on things you've made? I imagine if/when I get some - I'll be thinking about 'label placement' before I even pick fabrics!! ha ha.