Thursday, April 22, 2010

April's Challenge Completed

Well it may not be a completely lined item, it was about all I could muster this month. For Carolyn's April Challenge of Something Lined, here is...... a hood! lol

It also completes a sew-a-long over at Crafty Mama's where many of us had a try at the Farbenmix Imke pattern.

I did one each for my kids, off the paper pattern not from the book, as I didn't feel up to tackling the tissue patterns in the Sewing Clothes Kids Love book. I also used the pieced version for both the kids. Fabric, cotton knit (I think the pink print has a touch of poly), is all from the stash - I am trying really hard to use it up - no small feat, let me tell you!
I really like this pattern, and the sizes I chose, the kids can still wear a t-shirt underneath for winter. I would like to try them in something warmer, more as a jumper style - but with the sporty hood from the book.

I did find the neck opening with the hood to be a little snug on my big headed people, so for DD's I cut the seam allowance from the jumper part, but not the hood, and then attached. I jsut means there is a bit of a gap between the edges of the hood, instead of them crossing over. Still looks fine though :)



zofia said...

These look great Liz. I so need to get into gear with mine...yay for using stash!

Tas said...

I love them Liz. I didn't even sign up for this month's challenge os you have done well.

Sally said...

Great hoodie.

Quilary said...

Great little tops. The pink pattern and plain look really good together.

Katie said...

Love the hoodies! Wonderful job with fabrics from your stash. They look great!

Steph said...

Great hoodies!! Lovely fabrics too. Hope you have a happy weekend :)