Sunday, May 22, 2011

Argh Me Hearties

I am very late in posting this project, but better late than never :)

In first term DD had a pirate dress up day at school. What a great reason to make her some new shorts and a t-shirt.

Both are from Ottobre. The shorts are Celine Knickerbockers #38 from 1/2008. Easy and straight forward apart from my mistake of putting the fly shield on the wrong side and making it so that the zip doesn't go all the way up. Whoops!

The top isTangerine #14 from 1/2011. I found this to be very short and lengthened it from a size 116 to 122. I would still prefer more length on it, but it is fine for a play top.

To make it a little more pirate-y I stenciled a girly skull onto the front of the top and added a pick ribbon - so cute!

Both projects were from the stash too - got to love that!



Frances said...

Oh how adorable! I think it should be a rule that all little girls get to have at least one pair of striped shorts, and one Girl Pirate t-shirt.

Joy said...

Very cute costume!

And I'm glad to see those shorts made up. I was afraid they would be too odd for everyday shorts, but I really like the look of them.

A n R said...

What a gorgeous little pirate she makes too. Your kids are so lucky!!!

yvy said...

gorgeous!! u know, i noticed with otto tops, i tend to prefer it longer too n i normall always hv to add the length.