Friday, May 1, 2009

Too much stuff, not enough time

So here is a quickie post with few words and lots of pictures. This is just some of what has been happening around our place lately.

We needed some new chairs for the kitchen, but kinda like our table, so didn't want a whole dining suite. I picked these up at the Op Shop for $10 for 4.

They have new covers now and a fresh coat of paint.

School pants for DS from Ottobre 6/2007 #23 with several modifications. I used the pockets from 3/2004 #20. I did forget to add the side pockets, so the next pair or two will have them added.

I also made a pair of Jazz pants for DD for school from 1/2008 #19. Unfortunately I don't have a picture yet - but they were super simple to sew up.

A certain boy turned 6 this week. As he is having a small party tomorrow, he wanted cupcakes on his birthday. Vanilla with choc chips and chocolate icing with sprinkles was requested!

He is also in love with frogs right now, and draws some of the most gorgeous pictures of them. So I tried to capture one and put it on a top I made him for his birthday. Ottobre 1/2008 #27.

Also one with a dinosaur - a dinosaur that needs an eye apparently! lol (the dark spot is water, I forgot to remove a pencil mark).

They both go with a pair of froggie pants from Ottobre 4/2008 #24.

Needless to say, he loves them all!

And our DS gave us quite a scare just a few weeks ago - he went bum first through our bedroom window! They are floor length, and he some how did a somersault between the bed and the window and went through it! Scared me big time. Yet I pulled him out and he had not a scratch on him. Thankfully. It was also a very good lesson of why they are not allowed to fool around in front of the windows.

I was looking at buying a soap mould before doing my next batch. So DH offered to make me some. And he did a fantastic job!

I think that is about it for now :)


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