Saturday, October 17, 2009

A New Bag Set

After seeing this bag of mine here, my aunty asked for one like it. As she was visiting from America, she really didn't have time to look for fabric over here, so she found some when she got home and sent it over. It was a lovely fabric to sew with, and I am happy with the results.

I tried a new way of putting a zippered pocket (an inset zipper apparently) - while it isn't 100% perfect, it is pretty good for a first go :)

As there was some fabric leftover, I made a wallet and a tissue holder to go with it. The wallet was a bit of a challenge to sew - many layers and I had a little trouble - but it is nice. The pattern comes from here - it is a well written and easy tutorial to follow (thank you to elily00 for sharing her tutorial).

I really hope my aunty likes it - I will be posting it this week, so it should be about 10-12 days until it arrives.



Romi Jade said...

Absolutely gorgeous bag :) love the extra gifts, it's a beautiful package!

cherri said...

That's gorgeous - I am hoping to make a wallet for my sister and was going to copy a pattern from my existing wallet - is that what you did or did you buy a pattern? Looks awseome!

Liz said...

Cherri - I used the tutorial here: for the wallet. It is very good, and seems to have plenty of room.
Cheers, Liz