Saturday, October 17, 2009

Well The Holidays Are Over

Where did they go? The kids have been back at school for a week. A whole week. Which means there is only 9 weeks left of term. And that means Christmas is way too close for me!

So we will just pop the thought of Christmas to the backs of our minds and share what we did on the school holidays instead.
We spent some time at the farm. My parents farm. They have cows, sheep and crops. And many, many acres for the kids to run about. So that is exactly what they did. From about 5am every morning (my poor mum, she was the one who got up to them, as we were at the other end of the house and didn't hear them). Thanks mum!

Here is just one of the many gorgeous views from around the farm.

We also found a lovely burbling creek to play at. I would love to have this in the back yard - it sounded delightful.

And a bit of nature slowly waking up from winter - this one nearly got stepped on - very glad it didn't!

So that was what we did. Hope yours was just as fun.


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