Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Has Been and Gone

And left a mountain of photos for you to view :)

Now that the day of giving has passed, and I have had a chance to catch my breath and pause in the indulgence of wonderful food and sit quietly, I thought I should share my Christmas sewing with you all.
I am very pleased, as I managed to give a lot of handmade gifts this year. So in no particular order.......

Teachers presents - a boxy pencil case and a bar of handmade vanilla delight soap.

All of the pencil cases.

One of the individual presents.

3 aprons, for my cousins, I also did a jar of cookie mix for each of them to go with the aprons, and a little triangle headscarf instead of a chef's hat. The aprons are from Cindy Taylor Oates - More Retro Aprons pattern.

A bag for my mum, from a pattern by NapKitten. Lots of turning to make the handles, but it worked out wonderfully.

A bag for my SIL - Lots Of Pockets Tote by KeykaLou. I love this pattern - it was so fun to make, and very easy to do.

A crochet project bag for my Aunty - I made up my own pattern for this, to a size I was happy with.

Some vanilla soap, made especially for my Aunty, but given away to many, so much so that I only ended up with one bar for myself. But never mind, it means I can make more.

Pencil cases for the kids, as they both asked for one :)

An outfit for my DS. It looks so big, as he is only 6, but it fits him perfectly and looks gorgeous on. Both the tee and shorts are from Ottobre, the tee - #20 from 2/2005 and the shorts #23 from 3/2009.

An outfit for my DD, Modkids Emma top and skirt, and a pretty little tee from Ottobre, #29 from 3/2009. She looks so gorgeous in this outfit, and the mish mash of fabrics suits her perfectly! lol

And on a very exciting note, a few days before I finished my Christmas sewing, my labels arrived! So I popped them on the kids clothes. And a good thing too - as the first thing my DS said when he opened his up on Christmas morning was, "Where is the label?!" He wants my label on all the stuff I make him.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas.



Gilly said...

These are all stunning Liz - well done!

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

Liz how lucky was your family / friends and teachers???? My fav has to be the bag for your SIL i just lurve the fabric. But then the shirt is very well done, and the pink top ... oh my you are a trooper for getting all that done. love the labels too!

zofia said...

wow Liz, fantastic stuff! I love you boy's outfit! Everything is stunning! Well done on a handmade Christmas :)

willow and moo said...

Liz, everything is FABULOUS!!! You've totally been holding out on us (but it's understandable!).

Love the new labels!

Kat said...

omg LIz! All are fabulously awesome! you've been busy! You're a superstar!!

Vanessa said...

Those box pencil cases look great - did you use an online pattern or make it yourself? I would love to give those a try :)

Liz said...

Vanessa - I had made a boxy bag from a tute on the web, then just made up my own pattern and measurements :)

Vanessa said...

Awesome... off to consult Google then! Wish me luck!