Sunday, December 19, 2010

Eva's Shawl

After seeing the gorgeous shawl that Tracy made here, I was inspired to make one too. Despite the fact that I haven't managed to crochet much beyond a granny square and a few misshapen motifs.

The pattern is from here. It is just lovely.

I used 4 balls of 50g Moda Vera Faith from Spotlight as it was only $2 a ball, and I didn't want to use expensive stuff in case I got bored or really struggled with the pattern. I can't remember the composition of the wool, and I have put the tag in a safe spot. They only had 2 balls at my local store in the cream colour, so when I realised I was going to need more, I rang around to find some more. The only store that did was on the other side of the city, about a 40min drive one way..... Luckily for me, DH was headed up that way for work and was able to pick 2 more balls up - though I wish I had asked for 3, as I didn't have quite enough to finish the 2nd row of edging. It was also a different dye lot, but it isn't too different (one benefit of being new at something - you don't mind quite so much!) But it still looks pretty, and was quite warm.
I used a 4mm hook, as this was the biggest I had in my stash - I have since acquired some larger ones to make another shawl at some point.

I wanted it to wear for the wedding last month, and I got it finished the night before - so it hasn't been blocked, though I have no idea how to do that yet either :)

I used a big pin to hold it together (please excuse the very tired face - it had been a long day).



Tracy aka Mad Quilter said...

It came up lovely Liz. I use mine lots. I've sewn a button onto it and use that to fasten it, saves me searching for a shawl pin. It's such a great pattern very addictive.

Marie said...

It looks fabulous Liz.

Frances said...

Don't tell me you're coming over to the dark side where we mad crocheters live ;). Lovely work, Liz. And looking at the original, I can see why you were inspired to give it a go.

Joy said...

That's a really lovely shawl. I'm sure it'll be a nice (warm) addition to any number of outfits.

I haven't crocheted anything besides a long string....

Sally said...

Oh it is so gorgeous!!! Really truly gorgeous.