Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last One For The Year

Quickie post to finish off 2011.

Kids Christmas outfits, consisting of:

Ottobre 2/2005 #32 Safari Shorts in size 122 & 140. Fantastically easy unisex pattern.

Ottobre 2/2005 #31 Girl's Top in size 122 - but lengthened to 146 - this top is ridiculously short! Even lengthened to the biggest size it is only just long enough to cover DD's tummy. But it is a nice shape, so I will forgive it.

Ottobre 3/2010 #35 Beat T-shirt in size 140. Love this top! Looks fantastic on my DS too.

Monsters from The Big Book of Knitted Monsters. There is Cecil (for DH), Dot (for DD) and Tony (for DS).

Some Pimpicuffs for my nieces. Really must make one for myself now.

And some Monster Chunks for my 2 SIL's :)

Also an 18m size Milo as a birthday present. I used the ladder and daisy stitch instead of a cable.

I think that is about it. What a great learning year 2011 was!


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