Saturday, December 3, 2011

Project Round-up To Finish Up The Year

Just about anyways. All that I am making now is pretty much Christmas presents, so I won't be able to share them for a few more weeks yet.

My knitting needles were in the KnitPicks binder when I got them, but I found it fiddly and rather bulky to store everything in there. Plus I also needed somewhere to store my collection of sock sized fixed circulars. So one day I decided to sit down and design my own, exactly how I wanted it. I used some nice sturdy denim from the op-shop, I think it was the same stuff I used for my bag, and some cute mushroom fabric for the inside. I only had 1m of the inner fabric, and I tried to use it as wisely as I could, but I also wanted to sew the inner, with as few seams as possible. So the pockets were created by folding the fabric in a sort of flat concertina style.

There is a velcro pocket up the top for my end caps and keys, and an open pocket for my needle sizer. The top folds down to protect the tips of the sock circs, and to keep the cables falling out, and there is a flap over the interchangeable tips to protect them.

In making things for myself, I finally ordered the Farbenmix LangeneB pattern from Crafty Mamas. I had some beautiful hemp denim (also from CM's) sitting around waiting for the perfect project, and this was it. Just gorgeous to sew, and a lovely pattern with a nice fit. Plus check out my invisible zipper!

In the making of things for others there has been some poncho style things for DD's teacher - quite literally a square of fabric with a neck hole in the middle, that her class use for simple dress-ups. I think I made about 11 all up. These are just the first 3, I didn't photograph the rest.

There was some baby gifts for some friends - the blanket took me ages, but looks pretty good. And the vest is a Milo, in a size 9 months so bub will fit it for next winter.

For the kids - I knitted some washcloths - mainly for practice and to whittle the stash down a little. A flower and a star.

Some more dyeing - the blue-y colour is an op-shop lot of wool, that was originally a piney blue-green and is planned for a cardigan for my DD. The purple, red-black, and purple-red-blue, are all BWM 4ply, originally Frost. They are all planned for socks.

And lastly, some soap (we are nearly finished this batch), some doll dresses for my little niece for her birthday and a shawl, that I used the wrong yarn for so it isn't very good. But it was good practice.



Sally said...

As always you've been a very busy bee... I like your background! My goodness is there nothing you haven't done?

Frances said...

Ooooh, I like your needle case! Might have to do something similar for myself now that it appears I, too, have developed a knitting addiction! Lol! Oh well, it keeps me (mostly) out of mischief.