Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I just had a quick look through my photos and there are quite a few projects I haven't shared yet!

So I am going to post the boring (aka ones that don't need much describing) now, and hopefully get back to updating ones that I want to write a bit more about over the next few weeks. As I would really like to get them all blogged before another year disappears (and it is traveling pretty fast!)

Birthday present for a 7 year old boy, back in July I think. Ottobre pattern - not sure which one, Stella and Hilco (I think) fabric from Crafty Mama's.

2 Ottobre tops for me - my standard, slight v-neck pattern. Both in Stella. I don't wear the white one much, because apart from the fabric being a lot thinner than the black, I feel like a giant dirt magnet (me + white = grub!) The black one ended up being 3/4 sleeves as I ran out of fabric.

Book week costumes - yes it was ageeeeeeeeees ago. Charlie and Lola. Easy. Farbenmix Olivia dress with improvised collar and button placket for Lola, complete with her butterfly hair clips.

Charlie is Ottobre again, teemed with a pair of jeans. Simple! I just printed out Charlie in the closest font I could find, ironed some double sided web onto the back of some felt and cut out the letters and stuck them on the top. When DS decides he doesn't want to be Charlie anymore, I will just pull the letters off.

Okay, I think that is enough for today :)


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Carolyn said...

You've been making some great stuff here! I love your daughter's dress, so cute!