Thursday, October 6, 2011

PJ Pants

boring, but necessary. Thankfully the flannelette designs are pretty funky! All from Spotlight - mine is last years stock, the kids are this years.

No, I didn't make them just now - these were made back in the middle of June. Except I hadn't taken a photo of mine, so this was taken today as they were having a swing on the washing line :) (except it has taken me a whole month to post this post, so it wasn't really taken today).

My pattern is Simplicity 3571 - I think I traced the seam allowances as 5/8" but only sewed these ones at 3/8" - it makes for nice roomy pants though.

The kids are Otto 4/2003 #34 in sizes 128 & 140. I didn't do the bias hem though, just made them a tad longer.

Styling of the kids pj's by them - flat pj people just in case you need help with your imagination ;)


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