Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hmmm - Been Slacking Off A Little

I was just having a browse through my photos, and it appears that I haven't shown much of what I have made over the last few months. So I will attempt to update my blog over the next few days.....hopefully I can do that :)

So first up is a t-shirt I made for a birthday present wayyyyyy back in May. For an 8 year old boy, who seems to love my handmade presents almost as much as my DS does :D

Ottobre 301 design B t-shirt, with long sleeves. All fabric is Stella from Crafty Mamas - and I love the two colours together.

The stencil was free from the Ottobre site. It was a bit fiddly to trace and cut out - but well worth the effort.

I traced it onto freezer paper, and used Jo Sonja paints with a fabric medium for the paint - it holds up well. I have used it for a few projects now, and they still look great! (there is a plane top somewhere, but I can't find it lol)

Next up will be some boring but necessary sewing - luckily the fabric is cute and the clothing very comfortable!



Heather said...

Cute! The lizard(?) skeleton turned out really good! I thought maybe you'd recycled a sweater with the print on it already. Good job, it looks really professional! I hope the kiddo liked it. :)

Joy said...

Really nice shirt. The lizard is great. I think any boy would love it.

Sally said...

Looks fantastic. Love the stencil. You're right the colours do look brilliant together.