Sunday, February 19, 2012

7 Years Old

It had to happen. My baby has gotten another year older. Which I suppose means I am getting older too. Oh joy!

Every year it seems hard to believe that my kids are no longer the babies that I brought home, in what seems like, not so many years ago. They are growing up, and becoming their own person. It is lovely to see and to help them to learn. Though it does mean that each year they are getting closer to becoming an adult and will eventually move out of home (though I guess in another 7 years I may not be feeling quite the same as this as we hit teenager territory??)

An is usual, a birthday means mummy made clothes to mark the occasion. This year, I decided to ask for a little input on what the birthday girl wanted and we went through my patterns together to find one that she liked. She chose the Zucka skirt from Farbenmix. I then dug through my fabric to find something that would work for a more summery version - I have plenty of cord for a wintery version, but that is a few months off. The stripes are like a nice light stretchy denim, and the cupcakes are a cotton that she has wanted ever since I bought it ages ago. I really wasn't sure about the combo side by side, but as I was putting the skirt together, they just worked.

For the top, I liked the look of two in Ottobre 3/2010, so I asked DS to pick the one he liked best for his sister. He chose number #32, but without the ruffles. To match it to the skirt I chose a few different colours of Stella and went from there. Again, like the skirt it seemed to not work until it was sewn up. I added the cupcake embroidery to liven the tee up (I managed to put it on a bit low, but never mind).

Both patterns are size 122 and I am hoping will last for 12 months size wise.

DD chose a Fairy Castle Cake for her birthday this year - and I really must find some dummy cakes! There was a lot of chocolate cake that went into the making of this, and it probably isn't fair to send it home with all the guests! As it is, we have the whole bottom layer in the freezer.

All in all, DD had a lovely day. (I forgot to mention that the day started with star shaped pancakes, thanks to a great aunty for the silicone shapes!)



willow and moo said...

Happy Birthday to Miss Adele!

liz said...

Happy belated birthday Adele. We love your new outfit,lucky you. Can't believe you are seven already!
Lots of love Liz, Clive and Abby xxx

A n R said...

Happy Birthday Ms Adele Bell. What a lucky girl to get those beautiful clothes from your Mum!! Not to mention star shaped pancakes for breakfast. What a treat.

I'm sure not one of the guests minded taking home some of your birthday cake.