Sunday, July 8, 2012

Long Time, No Post

Life. That is the only excuse that I have. Pretty self-explanatory I think :)

Good thing I have photos - I would've forgotten what I had been doing!

Socks. I dyed the fiber myself - Corriedale top, ~125g. I added the 25g of white when I thought that the 100g of dyed wouldn't be enough.

The top became 3 bobbins of singles.

 Which became this yarn, ~14-15wpi.

Then into these socks. I made them up from two different patterns and Rav'd here.

Then I tried spinning some fine Merino. It wasn't very easy, so I ended up stripping the top very thinly and spinning from that.

It was not the most fun I have had. Maybe more practice is needed? It created a thick and thin yarn, that was very soft and squooshy, I didn't have a lot, but it was enough for this.

During this time I found Corgi Hill Farm on etsy. Love her fiber! As is evident from my last post with the shawl. I also had some Rambouillet from there. This is quite like Merino, in that it is soft and fine. So I dove right in to give it a try. Still not much luck lol Though it wasn't as thick and thin as the merino. But I couldn't fit any more on my bobbin when plying - I had to hand wind the last few metres on :)

Also there was a very small hat for a friends newborn. Shown on a rather large headed Cabbage Patch doll.

'Til next post! Hopefully that won't be long, as I have been joining in with the Tour De Fleece on Ravelry :)



Tas said...

Awesome, Liz. Amazing to see the whole process. You and to water.

Sally said...

You make me want to spin!!!