Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Blue Jane and Some Heaven

Today was about finishing. Well, finishing the finishing if that makes sense :)

DD's Jane Cardigan is dry now, and the ends are all woven in. Photo's have been taken, so I class it as finished.
I am loving the end result, both the knitting and the yarn. The yarn was one I found at the op shop and dyed specifically for this project. I love the non-solid colouring.

My only issue is that the sleeves seem too snug to fit for long. Next time I will either not do the decreases for the sleeve, or make sure I go another size up.

My Heaven. Well, what can I say? I love it! It isn't dry yet, I only washed it this morning and it is quietly blocking. But I am very happy (and proud) of the end result. Technically it wasn't planned from spinning to knitting, as I was spinning to knit a Citron. I spun a 2ply from this BFL Humbug gradient fiber from Corgi Hill Farm.

I was so insanely proud of the spin that after it had finished drying, I looped it as a scarf and wore it around for a little while, just so I could squish it constantly!

The BFL bloomed so well after spinning, plying and washing that there was no way I could knit a Citron - I was looking at a ~10ply yarn! So 198 Yards of Heaven it was to be. I didn't want to waste any of it, so I kept knitting until I almost ran out of yarn. This meant that it doesn't have a border like the pattern, but I am ok with that. There is only 15m left, which may or may not have completed 1 more row, but I didn't want to risk it ;)

I will have to get more photo's once it is dry.



Frances said...

Oh my goodness! Gorgeous, Liz. Absolutely gorgeous! I love the colours and the end results. I expect DD is just as thrilled as you are.

A n R said...

Wow. What else there to say!!

Sally said...

You are so talented. All of it so glorious... Bravo!