Sunday, May 6, 2012

One Week Ago

We had a birthday in our house. Now we have a 9 year old. Scary.

There was the compulsory new outfit. Both Ottobre patterns, but without looking I can't tell you which. I had forgotten how annoying it is to top-stitch on corduroy though. It was the only suitable fabric in my stash that had enough length for my growing boy, and it does look so nice on him. There is enough length in the hems that the pants should last a good two winters.

He chose the cake form my cake books - it was the spider one out of one of the Australian Women's Weekly books, but then he made some design changes, such as no big spider and lots of other bugs stuck in the web. He also thought the web was better grey rather than black (as in the book) as this way it looked more like a web. I am happy with simple :)



Sally said...

That outfit is wonderful... but I do hope you haven't jinx yourself thinking that those pants will last another two seasons... these boys can shoot up pretty quick... he might be nearly as tall as you at eleven!!! **boo-hoo**
Brilliant cake. My little boy has a pet spider at the moment so he would delight in your master piece too.

A n R said...

Happy Birthday to the 9 year old. How did he get so tall without me noticing???? I don't know how you get time to make all those beautiful outfits, spin wool, bake and decorate cakes. Do you sleep at all??? Hugs. A