Sunday, December 15, 2013

Just a Little Bit of Crafting

There hasn't been much crafting going on - a few little bits that I can't share just yet, after Christmas I can.
But I was feeling the urge to sew. The sewing I had got around to doing lately was hemming pants - urgh!!

I decided I needed a new little black bag for going out. And what better way to start than shopping the stash :) So I found the perfect fabric and then a pattern - the Pleated Wristlet from Michellepatterns. After printing my pattern, I set to cutting the pieces. Except that I couldn't get the pieces to be the correct shape! The fabric I had chosen was too slippery and kept moving :( I hauled out the heavy duty interfacing I was planning to use and cut my pieces from that and ironed them onto the fabric before cutting them out - much better! I was a little skeptical about the fabric, as it was a drapey dress fabric, but it turned out beautifully.

I added a little pocket on the inside of the bag and didn't add the wadding or quilt the lining.

I used a heavy-ish cotton with a light interfacing for the lining. Then I just had to find a zip from the bag of reclaimed ones I have kicking around.... The pattern called for an O-ring, though I only had a D-ring, so that is what I used.

Such a great pattern and I love the end result.

I also managed to finish a spinning project that I started way back in May!

I took some Rambo in 2 colourways from Corgi Hill Farm and blended it with Tussah Silk, also from CHF, to make these gorgeous batts.

It spun up into ~9wpi and ~785m of soft, squishy yarn :)


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