Thursday, May 8, 2014

So..... long time, no type!

Some spinning that was sent out as a Christmas present - I loved this so much and was really happy with the yarn.
Corgi Hill Farm Merino/Bamboo/Silk in the Hummingbird colourway. It spun to about 12wpi and about 486m of 2ply.

More spinning - FatCatKnits Falkland fiber in Bucaroo. It came to about 8wpi and 169m of 2ply. It was my first time spinning more than just a sample of this type of fiber. It was enjoyable to spin and the yarn is lovely.

Some Corgi Hill Farm BFL/Silk in the Seahorse colourway. I must say that not only is this one of favourite blends (85/15), but I adore the colourway! The yarn is so pretty!!  About 10wpi and 217m of 2ply.

I then decided to weave the Bucaroo and Seahorse together - aiming for a length of fabric to make a cushion cover. I didn't have quite enough Bucaroo to get the length. But I also made a newbie weaving mistake thinking that the biggest reed was ok - it wasn't. This wasn't really made apparent until I had finished weaving though and took the cloth off the loom :( I had roughed up the falkland fiber too much and made it scratchy. Live and learn.

Before fulling.

So I fulled it in the washing machine, but went a little overboard which muddied up the Seahorse colouring - but it should be ok for next to neck wear now, once I get the ends all tidied up. One win was had though - I successfully hemstitched it :)

Over on Ravelry, I joined in a spin-along for a fractal spin. I like the results of fractals - in fact the Seahorse was spun in the same manner. I have(had) two braids of beautiful fiber from Corgi Hill Farm that I bought and then wondered what on earth I was going to do with them, as they were so bright! I knew this before I purchased, as they were described as such, but I couldn't resist. Anyway, they had been languishing a little in the stash, so I grabbed one for this challenge. I spun it fat-ish, about 10-11wpi and got 241m. It is still bright, but not as glaringly so. I am going to spin the other one to match and hopefully knit a shawl out of it - it would certainly chase away any winter blues!


I even squeezed a little bit of sewing in just before Christmas - I needed a new makeup bag, so I used a cute freebie pattern and up-sized it a bit and found some cute fabric in my stash! Perfect :)


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Heather said...

Such gorgeous skeins! I've not knit with handspun yet, but I'm so drawn to the colours. Must knit up gorgeously! I'm sort of interested in spinning, but I already have a LOOOOOONG knitting list - I can't imagine trying to spin the yarn first! I admire your gorgeous work tempting!