Thursday, February 19, 2009


We have just celebrated a birthday here at our house. My darling little baby girl turned 4 yesterday. She had a lovely day, with 3 lots of cake. Cupcakes after lunch with her Granny, Poppy and her aunty Carly. Then after school two friends she has known since birth came over and shared more cupcakes! And to top it off, she had pizza (home made of course! and her request) and a magic toadstool cake, complete with little fairy figurines.

I made her a Feliz dress, as I was determined to overcome my fear of this pattern. Thanks to Trillium's sew-a-long, I found it rather easy and really want to make more. So who knows :) She was super excited to receive it and it twirls to specification! Lol

I wanted to make her a petti-skirt as well, but lets just say that it is a work in progress. My ruffler foot decided that it didn't like to ruffle at the same time as trying to attach the second tier, so I have left it for now and will have to make do with hand gathering. Which isn't too bad, as I will only be making one of them.

What else have I been doing........? Oh that's right, making aprons. My DS has finally decided that he wants to go to other kids birthday parties – it has taken nearly 2 years to achieve this. He has always flat-out refused. Being a shy boy, I tried not to push. And now he wants to go to them, so we have 2 in a week. Being both girls, I wanted to make a present, as I really have no idea what to buy 6 year old girls! So I thought this was a great chance to try out my Cindy Taylor Oates Little Retro Aprons pattern. The first one went down a treat! I packaged them up with a wooden spoon and a cupcake mix to make. The second one is off to a birthday girl tomorrow afternoon.

So that is the wrap-up of my week.



Kat said...

My goodness Liz - you've been busy! They all look beautiful! Happy birthday big 4yr old girl!

Mom of 2 princesses said...

That felix came out great! I am in the middle of mine with that wonderful sew-a-long! All your aprons are fab too!